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But could Natalie Portman's character have carried off the demanding ballet performance in a psychotic state. Although Lily is not as skilled in the technical aspects, her personality makes her perfect for the role of the black swan. Nina is meticulous about preparing her slippers, lining up the make-up in the dressing room and washing her hands at each turn.

This kind of disorder usually occurs if the person is not taking his or her medicines. There are various times where Nina gets in touch with herself in a way to become a more efficient ballet dancer, and performer. Aristotle's "Prior Analytics" is the most likely original reference that makes use of example syllogisms involving the predicates "white", "black", and "swan.

He then takes the reader into the history of skepticism. Mediocristan environments safely can use Gaussian distribution. Nina stabs her with piece of broken glass and hides her so that the murder becomes elimination of any obstacle from being the true Black Swan.

She also hates the very idea of forcing things into well defined "categories", holding that the world generally is complex and not easy to define.

Eating Disorder Nina is a white female who lives in an extremely competitive and stressful situation occupation that puts her under pressure to thin and physically light. The small publishing firm became a big corporation, and Yevgenia became famous.

For those people who did not watch yet the movie, the Black Swan is a film that deals with complex and dark look in mental illness of unreal and real. Again, her paranoid delusions and hallucinations are articulated in much dramatized tone throughout the movie.

Nina starts to see her face on Lily and others. She was hallucinating, and seeing things in herself, people, and everything around her.

Nina shows symptoms of anorexia and bulimia nervosa so the thought of such a fatty food repulses her. The character of Nina in the movie is very intriguing since it is obvious that her psychosis disorder is present.

They end up having a violent showdown in which Nina ends up stabbing the Black Swan with shards of broken glass. When Nina obtains the role of the Swan Queen, she is confronted with overbearing pressure and abuse from home and work, leaving her vulnerable to these symptoms.

Although there is a known, direct cause of schizophrenia, there is certain factor that puts one at risk for developing the disorder. Dream experiences, affect valence, magical ideation, splitting defense and superego functions may accompany with OCD.

Black Swan : A Psychological Analysis

Anorexia and bulimia are extremely common. For Instance study done by Kruger and fellow researchers states up to 16 percent of individuals suffering Schizophrenia suffers OCD Simultaneously.

She is a young dancer working for a prestigious NYC ballet company. It's the polar opposite with anxiety disorders and OCD. On one hand, Nina has the White Swan persona because of her innocent and fragile personality.

Her previously controlled and co-dependent relationship with her mother, a typical former-ballerina-turned-stage-mom which is brilliantly portrayed by Barabara Hershey, explodes into one with aggressive fights, disobedience Since Nina used to be an obedient daughter and violence.

The schizophrenia is being characterized as a heterogeneous condition that usually starts during your adulthood stage. Even though this may seem like a friendly gesture, the drugs and drinks Nina suggested made Nina to be late for an important practice.

At home, Nina is suffocated her overbearing and manipulative mother, Erica, who maintains control of her life. Scenes such as the one where she scratches her back until she gets the swan shaped ruptures of the black swan, thrilled the audience and kept them deeply engrossed in the movie.

I feel there was nothing really positive that Nina gained through her road to success of being a ballet star as black swan. Even the pink stuffed animals that adorn the bedroom she shares with her neurotic mother seem to come alive and mock her.

'Black Swan': Psychiatrists Diagnose Ballerina's Descent

As the opening of Black Swan approaches, Nina gradually transforms herself to more impulsive and uncontrolled person. Throughout the movie, the symptoms of OCD are expressed with very strong visuals in order to convey the dramatic mood. She does not eat much and she is constantly putting herself into physical pain by dancing.

The competitive atmosphere at the dance company conveys the tension which Nina experiences every day.

As a result, Nina displays many symptoms of obsessive compulsive personality disorder, especially in her dancing, in which she wants every move to be perfect. The symptoms include disturbances in communication, language, perception, thought and volition.

She seemed to be paranoid about everything, and she barely had any trust in not only herself, her peers, and her mother especially. It is unclear if the vomiting happened because of the stressful situation or the reason derives from her attempt to keep her weight light.

In addition to the strain she faces at home, she is alienated by her coworkers and is harassed by her director Leroy, a demanding and ruthless man. The movie is considered as one of the fantastic jobs in portraying the severe struggle of a person with psychological illness.

Violence has a great connection to a certain mental illness and according to a research; acute paranoia is considered as one of the factors that have the ability to increase your violence risks. Below is an essay on "Black Swan-Psychology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Black swan is a psychological drama that surrounds itself around the main ballerina, Nina, who is struggling by descending into the crazy world of ballet and the competitiveness that it brings/5(1). Black Swan Psychology Review Essay.

Borderline Personality Disorder The Black Swan is a psycho thriller film that narrates the demise of a young talented twenty-some year old. III – Psychology CP04 THE MOVIE “BLACK SWAN” ANALYSIS I.

Black swan movie review

SUMMARY Black Swan is a story about an aspiring ballet dancer, Nina, who dreamt of playing. Abnormal Psychology Qian Chen Extra Credit: Film Analysis of Black Swan Black Swan is a psychological thriller featuring a ballerina called Nina Sayers.

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for only $ $/page. Order. January 27, The Black Swan Movie and Psychological Illness. The Black Swan and Psychological Illness. The dark drama The Black Swan is built around the psychological illness of its protagonist, Nina Sayers, beautifully and disturbingly portrayed by Natalie Portman.

Black swan psychology review essay
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