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With his nest egg, he left for Italy and novel-writing. Norman is probably presiding tonight. His most famous pieces are all present: In any case, rather like priests who have forgotten the meaning of the prayers they chant, we shall go on for quite a long time talking of books and writing books, pretending all the while not to notice that the church is empty and the parishioners have gone elsewhere to attend other gods, perhaps in silence or with new words.

Vidal's prose crackles and spits in all directions, from French Postmodernism to Bush's police state, but it is always both entertaining and incisive, and never less than a delight to read.

As Vidal points out with his customary sardonic relish, Jefferson himself began selling out Jeffersonianism during his second term.

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A great many of his essays feature anecdotes, always charming and often revealing, about his personal encounters with his subjects: But things can live a long time underground, especially when nourished by occasional infusions like Julian.

When he was a Democratic candidate inhe was quoted thus: No other writer working in English today deploys quite so many clear and lovely sentences per page as Gore Vidal -- except Joan Didion, and the beauty of her prose is of a more austere sort.

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Despite this drastic reduction in quantity, there is no corresponding loss in quality. Yes, I liked Italo Calvino, and I thought he was the greatest writer of my time. The first thing to say is that this new collection does not replace United States: The attack on the welfare state rationalized - in effect if not intention - greed and class privilege.

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Gore Vidal has known, or at any rate met, nearly everyone of literary, political, or cinematic note during his lifetime. His assessment of "The Top Ten Bestsellers" of January 7,is a savagely meticulous dissection of middlebrow American taste, while "American Plastic" tacks in the opposite direction, skewering the academy-approved, theory-based fiction of Donald Barthelme and William Gass with derisive glee.

'The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal'

In the no doubt privileged environment of her Midwestern youth, she could not have seen very many gentile males without their clothes on. The fact that the country is so much larger than it was makes for an appearance of variety.

Parini, Gore Vidal's literary executor, has judiciously selected 21 of Vidal's essays from the previously gathered in the unwieldy United States: Essaysas well as added three more recent essays. Selected Essays, by Gore Vidal (Abacus, £) Gore Vidal might be a novelist, a (deliberately self-sabotaged) politician, and memoirist, but it is as an essayist that he really excels, and.

Selected Essays of Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal, prevailing American superstitions, and the public critic's rhetorical obligations -- Gore Vidal's Selected Essays On Gore Vidal's essays as political actions: Without ever saying so, Vidal also manages to suggest that everything is political, though in a very different, non-postmodern sense.

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The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal, edited by Jay Parini.

Vidal was a erudite, witty and entertaining writer having read many of his historical novels, and this collection confirms that. The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal by Gore Vidal Doubleday, pp., $ Often offering his observations and remembrances under the guise of a book review, Gore Vidal's essays are marshaled.

Gore vidal selected essays review
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