Why should nike be held responsibility for what happens in factories that it does not own

There was a significant cost to dealing with this problem. CLW has therefore concluded that the failings of Foxconn exist in the majority of electronics factories, and are representative of the policies and behavioral norms found throughout the electronics industry.

In most cases, manufacturers will receive large orders that they are required to fill within a short time span, putting additional stress on factory workers.

More significantly, investigations revealed that for the majority of job posts in electronics factories, there is a high risk of contraction of occupational illnessesand diseases. Workers may also be required to attend morning or evening meetings while workers who have made mistakes are often required to writeself-critical evaluationsafterwards.

In the low-income countries where most U. With globalization and the contracting system, any apparel factory with a union risks losing its business. The elapsed time was about 64 seconds from his appearance to his departure.

In addition, they admit that it is hard to provide a clear road-map on how this should be achieved, and instead it should be done on a case by case basis.

How Important Is Quality of Labor? And How Is It Achieved?

The key for Putin is to do what needs to be done to advance Russian interests but without triggering an internal or external political crisis. Argentina is a vivid example The BBC, in one of its Correspondent documentaries October 13,reported on the Argentina crisis and its impacts.

The worldwide free market accentuates the disparity between the centres of capital and the peripheries. I have to make this clear. In District 3, Hsieh Hsin-ni is complaining about a public opinion poll. We have to sell [copies of our publications] in order to get our voice heard.

Half a month notification is needed before resignation. Its ultimate object, however, it pretends, is always the same, to enrich the country by the advantageous balance of trade.


Grievance Mechanisms The ten factories all lack properly functioning, useful trade unions. Since most of the materials used in production are specified by Apple and their associated costs are pre-negotiated by Apple and other suppliers, Foxconn can only purchase the production materials at a fixed price and cannot cut costs by purchasing cheaper materials.

They just bring their laptops and they do work. In reality, there was no truth to the idea that the company was wicked or uncaring.

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Today, the four largest U. Negotiations are still going slowly although progress is being made. Finally, the Israelis are very much aware of where the Russians are themselves and where there missiles are. The explosion of imports has proven devastating to once well-paid, unionized U.

Can somebody please explain to me why Russia has some moral obligation towards Syria or Iran or Hezbollah when not a single Muslim or Arab country has done anything to help the Syrian government fight against the Takfiris. But ignorance was proving more and more difficult to maintain.

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The blood trade was the cause of the AIDS disaster. In short, Adam Smith free trade, as established by neo-mercantilists, was only mercantilism hiding under the cover of free trade.

After intense negotiations, the Department of Labor issued an interim AIP report in April and the White House released the final page report in Novemberwhich included a proposed workplace code of conduct and a set of monitoring guidelines.

The fact is that Lung Ying-tai is a popular and esteemed figure in Chinese communities all over the world. Last year, the figure was around 1, note: There is no law specificially against the use of foul language.

The minimum wage in nine factories does not meet the living costs of its workers. Workers cannot earn a living wage from normal working hours alone, and must work excessive overtime hours in order to earn enough money to survive.

Because of this, Foxconn should not bear the only responsibility for worker suicides: Apple, HP, Dell. Nike didn’t own the factories. In a very real sense, Nike has never manufactured a single shoe in its entire history.

And because it didn’t own the factories, the assumption was that running them was business of the owners, not Nike. In its early decades of existence, there was apparently no evidence of any problem that challenged that assumption.

Nike does not own these factories; it works in partnership with local owners or with Taiwanese or Korean owners. The young women at the Serang plant, called the Nikomas Gemilang factory and owned by the Taiwanese firm Pou Chen, earn a base pay of 5, Indonesian rupiahs each day, which is the legal minimum wage.

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Criticisms of Current Forms of Free Trade

Question: on guided tours of some of Nike's overseas plants. When Andrew Young recently toured Nike factories in Vietnam, his interpreter was a member of Nike management. By way of contrast, when Thuyen Nguyen paid his own way to go to Vietnam, he took the trouble to interview Nike's .

Why should nike be held responsibility for what happens in factories that it does not own
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